MAHA PUJA – den store ceremoni eller på thai, hvor de selv skriver:

Makabucha (maha = stor + puja = ceremoni) day comes from the day, when 1250 disciples gathered to listen to Buddha’s Dharma (dharma oversættes bedst med den enkeltes kald/vej) speech (ธรรมะ) after his enlightenment.

This day is a religious public holiday. Merit making ceremonies take place at temples. At night or afternoon time, candlelit processions happen. Monks and local people walk three times around the temple main building:

one time for Buddha

one time for the Sangha, i.e. Buddhist monk community

one time for the Dharma, i.e. Buddhist teachings

This candlelit procession is called การเวียนเทียนรอบโบสถ์สามรอบ.

Monks are holding a sacred thread and a candle.

Faithful Buddhist are holding a candle, incense stick or lotus flower.

Buddhists across the country flock to temples for candle-lit processions as part of activities on this religious day. Other activities include alms offering and listening to monks’ teachings. Activities are organised in almost every temple and the ones at most famous temples draw more participants, young and old alike.